Roommate Coloring Set

Roommate Coloring Set


Resurrect the joy of art time with our Roommate Coloring Set. Featuring two hand-drawn, exquisitely intricate coloring books (Birds on Bikes & Dream Dresses) from artist Jacqueline Schmidt, a beautiful set of 12 colored pencils from The School of Life, and a charming metal pencil case - staying in the lines has never been more relaxing!

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The Roommate Coloring Set Includes

  • Adult coloring book, Birds on Bikes by Ollie's Director of Design, Jacqueline Schmidt
  • Adult coloring book, Dream Dresses by Ollie's Director of Design, Jacqueline Schmidt
  • The Psychology of Color Pencil Set from The School of Life - includes a booklet about the psychology of color, explaining how particular shades can link us to a range of memories and feelings.
  • Adventure Awaits metal pencil case